Nathan Mason is my three sons names combined together. I wanted to create a brand that would stay with the family for generations to come. Our family is a legacy of hat rockers. From my Great Grandfather Bennie(pictured) to my children hats have always been a family staple piece. 



Reginald Sherard aka One Man Many Hats is a man that literally and figuratively wears man hats. My love for hats began at an early age. So much so that I was known in school as the "hat dude" way before people knew my real name. As I got older I wanted more hats but the color and design options were very scarce. I sought out how to make them by connecting with a milliner in the DC area and conducting tons of research(aka YOUTUBE). After learning the history of the culture of hat making and teaching myself some of the techniques I began creating pieces for myself. It then turned into people asking me about my own creations and some even buying them right off of my head on the spot. I then knew I was not the only person that wanted to rock hats customize to my personality and style.