Choose Your Color

 Although pecan, black, camel and sliver belly are our most popular colors, we have over 30 other colors for you to choose from. No two hats are the same but some people prefer to step outside of the box and create a unique piece. 


Choose Your Material

Each hat is created using the finest quality materials available. It's made by hand and designed to the hat rockers specific desires.  We use the four following materials to create your one of a kind custom hat:


100% Rabbit Fur Felt

The most durable and cost effective option for a custom hat. Excellent for eccentric color choices and affordability. Sourced in the USA.


50% Beaver 50% Rabbit Fur Felt Blend

Very durable, produces a very fine finish and with a little bit of natural water resistance. Will last about 50 years with proper care. Great for moderate outdoor wear. Sourced in the USA.


100% Beaver Fur Felt

By far most popular option and the gold standard in hats Think of it as the Maybach of hats. Naturally water repellant, produces a superbly fine, velvety finish, with superior resiliency and will last for decades to come. Sourced in the USA.


Panama Straw hat

Hand woven Panama straw. Light weight, breathable and perfect for the summer, spring time and warmer climate regions. Sourced in Ecuador.

Custom Fit

We want this to be the most comfortable hat you’ve ever worn, so we build your hat not only around the size of your head but also around the exact SHAPE of your head as well. Whether in person or shipped to you, we will put you in our custom hat fitting device which will allow us to get a perfect fit! We keep and record these details forever, so you only have to get measured once. Stop by the shop for a free hat consultation. 

You can also measure you own hat size by following these instructions here

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